Using the FetchServiceReqValidationListData Web Method

Returns the allowable validation list data for the specified service request parameter.

Request Syntax

public FRSHEATFetchSRValListDataResponse FetchServiceReqValidationListData(string sessionKey, string tenantId, string offeringName, string paramName, FRSHEATDepValItem depvalItem = null, string subStrMatch = "")


sessionKey: The session key from the Connect web method.

tenantId: The tenant for which the session key is authenticated.

offeringName: The name of the request offering.

paramName: The name of the parameter in the request offering.

depValItem: An FRSHEATDepValItem object, that represents the dependent validation item.

subStrMatch: A substring to match against the returned validation list items.

Return Value

FRSHEATFetchSRValListDataResponse object, defined as follows:

public class FRSHEATFetchSRValListDataResponse


public string status { get; set; }

public string exceptionReason { get; set; }

public List<FRSHEATValListValue> validationValuesList { get; set; }


The FRSHEATFetchSRValListDataResponse class has the following fields:

status: Provides a status about the state of the connection. The table below contains a full description of the available status values.

exceptionReason: Contains exception information, if the application throws an exception when running this web method.

validationValuesList: Contains a list of FRSHEATValListValue objects, each of which represents a record matching the specified search criteria.

The FRSHEATValListValue class is defined as follows:

public class FRSHEATValListValue


public string strRecId;

public string strStoredValue;

public string strDisplayValue;


The FRSHEATValListValue class has the following fields:

strRecId: The RecID corresponding to the validation list.

strStoredValue: The stored value of the validation list record.  For example, "ASimon" if the validation list record corresponds to the "Ashley Simon" employee record.

strDisplayValue: The display value of the validation list record.  For example, "Ashley Simon" if the validation list record corresponds to the "Ashley Simon" employee record.

The following table lists the available status values and describes how to interpret them.




Successfully retrieved the service request with the specified numeric ID. This is available in the reqData field.


The tenant does not contain a service request with the specified numeric ID. Ensure that the numeric ID is spelled correctly.


An error was encountered during the execution of this web method.  Inspect the corresponding exceptionReason field to determine why the web method has failed.


// Fetch the matching validation list records for requester, in the
// "Domain Password Reset" request offering


// Since the requester is constrained by the "RequesterDeparment" parameter,
// this needs to be specified as an input parameter to the web method


string offeringName = "Domain Password Reset";

string paramName = "Requester";


FRSHEATDepValItem depValItem = newFRSHEATDepValItem()


                strParName = "RequesterDepartment",

                strParValue = "IT"



FRSHEATFetchSRValListDataResponse validationValuesResponse = frSvc.FetchServiceReqValidationListData(authSessionKey, tenantId, offeringName, paramName, depValItem, subStrQuery);

FRSHEATValListValue[] valListValues;


if (validationValuesResponse.status == "Success")


                valListValues = validationValuesResponse.validationValuesList;


Console.WriteLine("Here are the matching validation list records:\n");

foreach (FRSHEATValListValue valListItem in valListValues)


Console.WriteLine("Stored Value: \"{0}\"\t\tDisplay Value: \"{1}\"", valListItem.strStoredValue, valListItem.strDisplayValue);