Using the GetPackageData Web Method

Returns the details of the specified request offering.

Request Syntax

publicFRSHEATGetPackageDataResponse GetPackageData(string sessionKey, string tenantId, string strSubscrRecId)


sessionKey: The session key from the Connect web method.

tenantId: The tenant for which the session key is authenticated.

strSubscrRecId: The subscription ID corresponding to the request offering for the current user.

Return Value

FRSHEATGetPackageDataResponse object, defined as follows:

public class FRSHEATGetPackageDataResponse


public string status { get; set; }

public string exceptionReason { get; set; }

public FRSHEATServiceReqSubscription srSubscription { get; set; }


The FRSHEATGetPackageDataResponse class has the following fields:

status: Provides a status about the state of the connection. The table below contains a full description of the available status values.

exceptionReason: Contains exception information, if the application throws an exception when running this web method.

srSubscription: Contains an FRSHEATServiceReqSubscription object that contains the full details of the request offering (such as the parameter details).

The FRSHEATServiceReqSubscription class is defined as follows:

public class FRSHEATServiceReqSubscription


public string strSubscriptionRecId;

public string strDateSubscribed;

public string strOrgUnitId;

public string strName;

public string strDescription;

public string strServiceName;

public string strRecId;

public List<FRSHEATServiceReqTemplateParam> lstParameters;


The FRSHEATServiceReqTemplateListItem class has the following fields:

strSubscriptionRecId: The subscription ID corresponding to the request offering for the current user.

strDateSubscribed: The date when the request offering was marked as published and subscribed.

strOrgUnitId: RecID of the organizational unit the request offering is associated with.

strName: The name of the request offering.

strDescription: The description value of the request offering.

strServiceName: The name of the service that the request offering is associated with.

strRecId: The RecID of the request offering.

lstParameters: A list of FRSHEATServiceReqTemplateParam objects, each item representing a parameter in the request offering.

The FRSHEATServiceReqTemplateParam class is defined as follows:

public class FRSHEATServiceReqTemplateParam


public string strName;

public string strLabel;

public string strDescription;

public string strType;

public bool bAllowSelectByUser;

public bool bDBValidated;

public string strRequiredExpression;

public bool isCalculated;

public bool autoFillOnlyWhenEmpty;

public string strValidationListRecId;

public string strValidationListTableRef;

public bool bIsHidden;

public string strRecId;

public List<ValidationConstraint> validationConstraints;

public string strValidationConstraints;

public string strAutoFillExpression;

public List<string> triggerFields;

public string strTriggerFields;

public string strDefaultValue;


The FRSHEATServiceReqTemplateListItem class has the following fields:

strName: Name of the parameter.

strLabel: Label of the parameter.

strDescription: Description of the parameter.

strType: Type of the parameter.

bAllowSelectByUser: Flag indicating whether the parameter can be selected by the user.

bDBValidated: Flag indicating whether the parameter is validated.

strRequiredExpression: Expression indicating how the parameter is (conditionally) required.

isCalculated: Flag indicating whether the parameter is calculated (that is, does not take inputs from users).

autoFillOnlyWhenEmpty: Flag indicating whether the autofill for the parameter occurs, when the parameter is initially empty.

strValidationListRecId: RecID of the named validation list (such as a pick list), if the parameter is a drop-down selection.

strValidationListTableRef: The name of the business object, from which the drop-down values are retrieved, for the drop-down selection.

bIsHidden: Flag indicating whether the parameter is hidden.

strRecId: RecID of the request offering parameter.

validationConstraints: List of validation constraint objects, used for representing the validation constraints currently set on the parameter.

strValidationConstraints: Textual representation of the validationConstraints member.

strAutoFillExpression: Textual representation of the autofill expression.

triggerFields: List of dependent parameters, upon which the current parameter is dependent upon.

strTriggerFields: Textual representation of the triggerFields member.

strDefaultValue: Textual representation of the default value for the parameter.

The following table lists the available status values and describes how to interpret them.




Successfully retrieved the details of the request offering. This list is available in the srSubscription field.


The tenant does not contain a request offering with the specified subscription ID. Ensure that the subscription ID of the request offering is spelled correctly.

Note that the GetSubscriptionId web method is used for returning the subscription ID corresponding to the current user.


An error was encountered during the execution of this web method.  Inspect the corresponding exceptionReason field to determine why the web method has failed.


FRSHEATGetPackageDataResponse getPackageDataResponse = frSvc.GetPackageData(authSessionKey, tenantId, strSubscrRecId);


FRSHEATServiceReqSubscription scsrs;


if (getPackageDataResponse.status == "Success")


                scsrs = getPackageDataResponse.srSubscription;

// Go ahead and access the relevant properties of interest from the request offering.