Using the IntegrationScheduleNow Web Method

Runs a predefined integration job. This web method adds the integration job to the integration queue, where it will be executed by the next available integration processor.

The response object returned from this web method contains the RecID of the integration job that was successfully scheduled.

Request Syntax

FRSHEATIntegrationScheduleNowResponse IntegrationScheduleNow(string sessionKey, string tenantId, string integrationName)


sessionKey: The session key from the Connect web method.

tenantId: The tenant for which the session is created. The web method searches for the tenant ID in the TenantURL field in the business object for the tenant in the Neurons for ITSM Configuration Database (called ConfigDB). The tenant record must be in the active state for the authentication to succeed.

integrationName: The name of the integration job.

Return Value

FRSHEATIntegrationScheduleNowResponse class, defined as follows:

public class FRSHEATIntegrationScheduleNowResponse


public string status {get; set};

public string exceptionReason {get; set};

public string integrationQueueId {get; set};



The FRSHEATIntegrationScheduleNowResponse class has the following fields:

status: Contains a status indicating whether the web method successfully retrieved the list of roles for the current user. If the session key (returned from the Connect web method) is valid, this field returns a value of success.

exceptionReason: Contains exception information, if the application throws an exception when running this web method.

integrationQueueId: Contains the RecID of the integration queue job that was successfully scheduled.


FRSHEATIntegrationScheduleNowResponse integratonResponse = frSvc.IntegrationScheduleNow (sessionKey, tenantId, integrationName);


string recId = String.Empty;


if (integratonResponse.status == "Success")




recId = integratonResponse.integrationQueueId;

Console.WriteLine(String.Format("The integration queue job with recid {0} has been successfully scheduled to run now", recId);