Metadata Access

About Metadata Access

Using the GetSchemaForObject Web Method

Using the GetAllSchemaForObject Web Method

Using the GetAllAllowedObjectNames Web Method

About Metadata Access

You can import an existing set of business objects into the tenant using the Business Object Uploader tool. The tool communicates with the Neurons for ITSM Application Server using public web services to facilitate user logins, population of data-entry forms, and the upload of business object data.

The workflow in the Business Object Uploader is as follows:

1.Log into an instance.

2.Load the list of all allowable business objects.

3.Select a business object.

4.Load the metadata for the selected object.

5.Complete the data for the fields being imported, if needed.

6.Submit the new object to the application.

When designing your API, to know what objects you can create, get a list of allowed objects by using the GetAllAllowedObjectNames web method.

To know what fields you want to submit to the create object call, you need to obtain the metadata, by using the GetSchemaForObject web method.

To upload objects even with "€special"€ fields visible (like RecID), use the GetAllSchemaForObject web method.