Working with the Ivanti Integration Web Service

This topic describes the Neurons for ITSM internal web services API, which you can use to integrate your application with the Neurons for ITSM web services.

Accessing the Ivanti Integration Web Service. Describes how to access the Neurons for ITSM Integration web service.

Establishing the Connection and Selecting a Role and Disconnect. Describes how to establish a connection using the Connect web method and how to retrieve a list of available roles using the GetRolesForUser web method.

Searching for Records. Describes how to search for records using the FindBusinessObject, FindSingleBusinessObjectByField, FindMultipleBusinessObjectsByField, Search, and PaginationSearch web methods.

Recording Operations. Describes the CreateObject, UpdateObject, and DeleteObject web methods.

Attachment Web Methods: Describes the AddAttachment and ReadAttachment web methods.

Metadata Access: Describes the GetSchemaForObject, GetAllSchemaForObject, and GetAllAllowedObjectNames web methods.

Working with Request Offerings and Service Requests: Describes the GetCategories, GetCategoryTemplates, GetAllTemplates, GetSubscriptionId, GetPackageData, UserCanAccessRequestOffering, SubmitRequest, GetRequestData, and FetchServiceReqValidationListData web methods.

Creating a Test Console Application using Microsoft Visual Studio: Describes how to create a test console application.