ITSM EPM Remote Control Integration

Neurons for ITSM - EPM Remote Control feature integration enables you to connect to an Asset (CI) in Ivanti Neurons for ITSM through Remote Control Application in End Point Manager (EPM) server.

This feature is available in Ivanti Neurons for ITSM from version 2021.1 onwards.

Configuring the Integration

Integration Steps

1.Enable the Global Constant

a. Log in to Neurons for ITSM as an Administrator.
b. Open the Configuration console > Global Constant > set the value for Enable Remote Control Integration as True.

2.Open the EPM Core Server details Business Object and enter the following information:

EPM Core Server Name - a contextual name for the EPM Core server.

Remote Control URL - URL to launch the Remote Control

Token URL - URL to get token from EPM Core

If multiple EPM Core server is available then one entry for each of the EPM Core server should be made.

3.Open the EPM Remote Control Configuration Business Object and enter the following information:

User Name and Password.

Remote Control Session Timeout (Minutes) - The timeout in minutes for a Remote Control session launched from the Neurons for ITSM application.

Maximum Concurrent Sessions - The maximum number of Remote Control sessions allowed for a user on a machine.

Send Encrypted Credentials - Set this to False. When EPM core server added capability to process the encrypted user credentials then this can be enabled so that application with send the encrypted user credentials.

EPM Core Server - The CI field name where EPM Core Server details is stored.

4.Click Link to link the required EMP Core. Only Cores that are linked will be used to launch the Remote Control session.

Once Configuration setup is done. Functionality will be ready to use in Mobile Analyst role only.

5.Log in to Neurons for ITSM as a Mobile Analyst and open the CI workspace.

6. Choose the device Type as Computer and get into the details of the page.

7.Click the Access Remote Control button to remote control the device in a new browser tab.