Setting up Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager

You can setup and measure analytics on Neurons for ITSM based on your business needs and the metrics that matter to you and your business. For example, you can track the number of clicks for My Items workspace or any other workspace or menu, keyword searches used.

This feature can be used for ITSM classic UI, Self Service Mobile portal, and Mobile Analyst portal.


1.Install and Setup Google Tag Manager

2.Ensure you have a Google Tag Manager account setup. Check out the Google Support site for more information.

3.Copy and save the Container ID.

4.Install and setup Google Analytics. Check out the Google Support site for more information.


1.Integrate Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

a. In your Google Analytics account, open Settings > Admin > Data Streams.
b. Create a new Data Stream. Copy and save the Measurement ID for the Data Stream.
c. Go to your Google Tag Manager account > Tags > New.

The Tag Configuration page is displayed.

d. Set the Name of the Tag as GA Measurement Configuration.
e. Select the Tag Type as Google Analytics: GA4 Configuration.
f. Enter the Measurement ID copied from Google Analytics account in the Measurement ID field and click Save.

This integrates Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

2.Set up Google Tag Manager in ITSM

a. Log in to ITSM as an Administrator.
b. Open the Configuration console > Organization Profile > Account Information.
c. In the Enter Google Tag Manager Code field, enter the Container ID created in Google Tag Manager in step 2..
d. Save and exit.

Example: Create a tracking metric for number of clicks on the Self Service Mobile portal left menu.

1.From your Google Tag Manager account, create a Tag.

2.Set the Tag Type as Google Analytics: GA4 Event.

3.Set the Configuration Tag field as GA Measurement Configuration as created in step e.

4.Enter the Event Name as Click Left Menu.

5.Under the Event Parameter section, set the Parameter Name as link_text and the Value as {{Click Text}}.

For information on Parameter Name and Values, refer to the analytics documentation on Google Support page.

6.From the Triggering section, click the Add button and configure when the event should be triggered.

7.Set the Trigger Type as Click - All Elements.

8.Select Some Clicks for This trigger fires on option.

9.Conditions - Click Element, matches CSS selector, gtm-left-nav-menu .x-treelist-item-icon.fontawesome-icon.

You can get the css element by right-clicking on the application and selecting Inspect.

10.Save and exit.

The event - Click - All Elements is created. Now every time the left menu is clicked, the tag is triggered and analytics is captured.