Creating Hours of Operation Schedule

1.From the Configuration console, click Configure > Organization Profile > Business Hours.

2.Click Add New. The application displays the Add Hours of Operation page.

3.Enter information into the fields.

Field Description
Name A unique name for the hours of operation schedule.
Whole day Applies the schedule for 24-hour day.
Overnight Adds this service as an overnight (after business hours) service.

The start and end time of your operation (not applicable if you select Whole day).



Time Zone

Your time zone.

Recurrence pattern

The number of occurrences. Select the pattern options according to the chosen interval. Select the interval (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).

Range of recurrence

The start and end date ranges for this schedule.

No end date

End after (enter number) occurrences

End by (enter date)

Hours of operation cannot span over multiple days.

4.Click Save. The application displays the yearly calendar with active days highlighted in blue.