Working with Web Service Script Integration

The Web Service Connection feature is in BETA phase, so use caution when using this feature.

About Web Services

Working with Incoming Web Service Connections

Working with Outgoing Web Service Connections

Using Web Services with External Data Sources

Using Web Services with External Messages

Working with the WSDL and Script Repository

About Web Services

Neurons for ITSM can interact with external systems in a variety of ways by making web service calls:

Calling a web service on a scheduled basis to retrieve information.

Calling a web service via a quick action to retrieve information. See Run Web Service Action for information about making a direct web service call and Web Service Script (BETA) Action for information about accessing a web service through a script.

Retrieving the values for an external business object. External business objects are a special type of business object that do not store their data in the Neurons for ITSM database but instead retrieves the data as needed from the external application. See Using Web Services with External Data Sources.

Receiving a call from an external web service to receive information that will update a business object. See Using Web Services with External Messages.

To support a wide range of different uses, web services are called as part of a script. This allows you to make multiple web service calls if necessary and to manipulate the results as needed for one scenario. These scripts are based on ECMAScript, which has been extended to support interaction with Neurons for ITSM business objects.

Each individual script is called a web service connection.

Web service scripting is in beta release. We encourage you to utilize the functionality, but be aware that changes to the scripting language and some interfaces may change over time, which may require you to adjust your scripts.

The web service script editor is consistent for all usage except the web service script quick action. Scripts in the quick action interface use the same script that is documented here, but the editor is less feature rich. We plan on updating this in a future release to utilize scripts written in the web service connection editor. At that time, any existing scripts written for quick actions may need to be copied over to the standard editor.