About the Toolbar Editor

Accessing the Toolbar Editor

Adding Toolbar Components Using the Layout Editor

Adding Toolbar Components Using the Quick Actions Center

Removing a Component from the Toolbar

Accessing the Toolbar Editor

Use the Toolbar Editor to add, organize, delete, and customize toolbar items. Toolbar items include quick actions, commands, separators, and blank buttons. Each toolbar item (except separators) can contain additional menus.

If you disable the ability for a button to invoke an action, the button is limited to a placeholder for secondary menus.

1.From the Configuration Console, click Build > Business Objects to open the Business Objects workspace.

2.Open a business object.

3.Select the Layouts tab.

4.Click a layout.

5.Click formView. The form view editor appears with the toolbar.

Form View Editor

6.Click Edit next to the toolbar to open the toolbar editor.

Edit the Toolbar Editor