English (United Kingdom) Language Settings

Option to localize the English (United Kingdom) is available. However, customers upgrading from an older version of the application to version 2021.1 or higher have to specifically enable it.

This feature is available in IvantiNeurons for ITSM from version - 2021.1 onwards.

This feature works as explained below:

For existing customers

When an existing customer upgrades to version 2021.1 or higher, this feature is available. However, they can choose to use English - United Kingdom as culture (date, time, number, and currency format) or as language (localized text and culture).

As Culture: When the default Locale is English (United Kingdom), all culture elements such as, date, time, currency, and number format of United Kingdom is applied but localized text is not applied. You only need to set the Global Constant - EnableUKEnglishLocalization as False.

As Language: When the default Locale is English (United Kingdom), localization option for text for English (United Kingdom) is available and the culture elements is also applied. This has to be specifically configured, see the below section Setting-up the English (United Kingdom) language.

For new customers

New customers having a fresh installation of 2021.1 or later do not have the option to choose between culture and language. When the default Locale is set as English (United Kingdom), the localized texts for English (United Kingdom) language along with the culture elements is applied. No spe

Setting-up the English (United Kingdom) Language

These settings are applicable only for existing customers upgrading from versions lower than 2021.1.