Editing Translation Strings

If the application contains translations, you can edit the translated values.

1.From the Configuration Console, open the Translation Tool as described in Accessing the Ivanti Translation Tool.

Translation Tool

The first column shows the property, that is, the specific place, where a word or phrase is used in the current form.

The third column shows the word or phrase as it appears right now for the language that you selected.

2.In the third column, click a translated string to open it for editing.

3.Do one of the following:

Select a string from the drop-down list, if the application lists any suggestions.

Enter new text.

4.Press Enter to record (but not save) the change. The application displays a red triangle next to the unsaved text string. This marks the changed string for reference.

5.Change additional strings as necessary.

6.Do one of the following:

To save your changes, click Save. New strings are indicated by logged-in user name and date and time created. Modified strings are indicated by logged-in user name and date and time changed.

To remove all of the changes that made, click Revert. The application returns the strings to their original settings.

7.Optional. Import the translation strings to a spreadsheet. See Importing Language Records from Microsoft Excel.