Example: Translating Label Expressions

You can translate labels, including form headers, using the Local built-in function. The translation tool finds the fields marked Is Localizable and matches them with their corresponding localized values.

The following is an example of changing the currency label to the local currency:

1.From the Configuration Console, click Build > Business Objects to open the Business Objects workspace.

2.Open the Incident business object.

3.Click the Forms tab.

4.Open an incident form with the cost label expression. For example, open the form called IncidentDetails.HelpDesk.Resolution.

5.On the left, expand Incident and then expand Fields.

6.Click Cost.

7.On the right side of the form, click the cost label.

8.On the bottom left, click the Control Properties tab.

9.For the Label Expression field, enter this in the Value field: $((((local("Cost") + " (") + CurrentGlobalCurrency()) + ") :")).

10.Click Save.