Adding a Multisort Button to the List Toolbar

The Multisort feature is not applicable by default to all business objects. For those business objects where the Multisort button is not visible by default, you can it to the List view toolbar.

Following are the steps to add the Multisort button to the list toolbar. This example uses the Incident workspace:

1.From the Configuration console, click Build > Business Objects.

2.Select the business object for which you wish to add the Multisort button. This example uses Alert business object.

3.Click the Layouts tab.

4.Open a layout associated with your business object. This example uses Alert. The Edit Layout: Alert page is displayed.

5.Click gridView from the Views in this layout section. The Edit Layout: Alert List View Editor page is displayed.

6.Click Edit on the right-hand side of the Toolbar section.

Edit Button

7.In the Toolbar Editor, drag and drop the Multisort option on the toolbar section.

Drag Multisort

8.Click Save.

9.To verify the changes:

a. Return to the Service Desk console.
b. Open the Alert workspace and verify that the Multisort icon displays. You may need to refresh the browser.

Multisort also works on hidden columns. Even if you hide certain columns, you can still use multisort on them although you cannot see the column in the list.