Baseline Quick Action

About the Baseline Quick Action


About the Baseline Quick Action

The Baseline quick action sets a standard baseline parameter value for configuration items that are associated with a change. For example, you can set the RAM for the production server to 4 GB.

The Baseline quick action can run from the CI, FRS_CIComponents and Change business objects only. If you add the Baseline quick action to any other business object type an error message is displayed.


You can access parameters for the Baseline quick action block using the Block and Common tabs of the Settings pane.

Block Tab

Click on the Block tab in the Settings pane to view the parameters specific to the Baseline quick action block.

The parameter fields are shown under the parameter name headings, if these fields are not shown click the parameter name to reveal them. The Type fields are not editable.

Baseline Name: A unique name for this baseline.

Baseline Description: A brief description for this baseline.

PrimaryKey Field: The primary key field of the current business object.

Source Object Status: The status of the source business object for which to run the baseline.

Source Object Number: The ID number of the source business object for which to run the baseline.

Click Save to commit your settings.