Action Templates

The action templates listed in this section are those displayed in the Create New Action list (in the Classic Action Designer) and the New Action list (in the Graphic Action Designer). These are used to create new actions when required.

Only a limited set of action templates are provided for the Graphical Action Designer in this version of Neurons for ITSM. If the action template you require is not available in the Graphical Action Designer, use the Classic Action Designer to create your action.

Baseline Action

Clone Object Action

Composite Action Action

Create RFC for Variance Action

Create a Recognition Rule Action

Create Variance Report Action

Delete Object Action

Discovery 9.x Export Action

Execute Workflow Action

Export Data Action

Export to Microsoft Excel Action

Find and Replace Action

Insert Child Object Action

Insert Object Action

License Manager Action

Run Program Action

Run Report Action

Run Web Service Action

Run for Child Action

Search and Link Action

Search and Unlink Action

Send Email Action

Send Mobile Notification Action

Start Ivanti Voice Activity Action

Template Action

UI Action Action

Unlink Software Inventory Action

Unlink Software Product Action

Update Object Action

Web Service Script (BETA) Action