Example: Resetting a Password Using the Run Web Service Action

This example shows how to create an action that resets the Neurons for ITSM user password when a user submits a service request.

See Run Web Service Action.

1.Create a Run Program connection within the Data Integration Wizard. See Using the Run Program for the Remote Host.

2.Create a request offering to reset a password, and publish it as a service request. See About Request Offerings and Working with Service Requests.

3.Create an action that is triggered by the service request to automatically reset the password. See Run Program Action.

When the action is run against the selected employee record, Neurons for ITSM sends an email to the employee with the temporary password. The employee logs in using the temporary password, and then changes the password.

Define the Run Web Service action as follows:

WSDL URL: $(ServerURL() + '/AdminUI/Services/ConfigServiceAPIProxy.asmx?wsdl')

Service Name: ConfigServiceAPIProxy

Operation Name: OneTimePasswordRequest

UserName: $(LoginID)

Email: $(PrimaryEmail)

Action Settings to Reset a Password