Example: Using the Search and Link Action

You can use the Search and Link action to perform an action on a child business object of another child business object that is associated to a business object. For example, you might want to search for all configuration items associated to a change that is associated to a release in order to directly link all the configuration items from the change to the release.

See Search and Link Action.

1.From the Configuration Console, click Build > Automation Tools > Quick Actions to open the Actions Manager workspace. The list of business objects that have actions appears.

2.Click Add/Edit for the Release business object. The application displays the Action Designer selection popup.

3.Select Classic Action Designer

4.Click the Create New Actions tab.

5.Click Search and Link.

6.Enter information into the fields.

Field Description

Enter action name

A name for this action.
Enter action description An optional description.
Enter category The category. Select from the drop-down list.

The relationship. Select ReleaseProjectAssocCI.

Find CI where

Specifies where to find the configuration item. Select CI from the first drop-down menu, then enter RecId. Then select Equal to and enter $(RecId).

The query should be as follows:

Publish to The roles that need access to this action.
Auto-save: Automatically save changes when action is run in UI form context Saves the action automatically. Check this option.

7.Click Save.