Example: Using the UI Action Action to Open Another Workspace

In the following example, you can use the UI Action action to open a change form from the Problem workspace.

See UI Action Action.

1.From the Configuration Console, click Build > Automation Tools > Quick Actions to open the Actions Manager workspace. The list of business objects that have actions appears.

2.Click Add/Edit for the Problem business object. The Actions Center appears.

3.Click the Create New Actions tab.

4.Click UI Action. The UI Action Configuration page appears.

5.Enter information into the fields.

Field Description
Enter action name A name for this action.
Enter action description An optional description.
Enter category The category. Select from the drop-down menu.
Publish to The roles that need access to this action.
Scope Enter CurrentTab:ObjectWorkspace:ObjectView.
Command ID Enter NewChildObject.
Confirmation Enter null.
Command Data

Enter the following:



, ChildObjectType:"Change#"

, NewObjectType:"Change#"


In another example, from the same Problem workspace, to open a new announcement window, for CommandData, you would enter:



, ChildObjectType:"Announcement#"

, NewObjectType:"Announcement#"


6.Click Save.