Configure My Items record display

The field details displayed on the My Items records and the order in which it should be displayed is configurable. If you do not specifically configure, by default, the following fields are displayed - ID, Status, Incident/Service Request Summary, and Date and Time.

To configure,

1.Log in to Ivanti Neurons for ITSM as an Administrator.

2.Open the Configuration console > Users and Permissions > Roles and Permissions > Self Service > Top Level Tabs > My Items.

3.From the Configure My Items card select the fields in the sequence you want to be displayed on the My Items record. A minimum of two fields should be selected.

For fields from other Business Objects to list in the Configure My Items Card, you have to create a field in My Items and map it to the required field from the other Business Object. For more information, refer to the sample scenario.

Upon adding a new Top Level Tab in the My Items Business Object, the Configure My Items Card settings are reset and you will have to set it up again.

If you have setup the Configure My Items Card, upon cloning new roles from Self Service role, the settings are retained in the cloned roles.

Sample scenario - mapping Actual Category field of Incident Business Object to a new field in My Items

Create a new field:

1.Log in to Neurons for ITSM as an Administrator and open the Configuration console.

2.Open the Business Object - FRS_MyItem > Fields > Add New.

3.Select the Type as Text and the Field Type as Unicode. The Field Type of the field you are creating and mapping to should match.

4.Enter the Field Name and Display Name as Incident Category and Save.

5.A new field - Incident Category is selected.

Map the newly created field to the Incident's field:

6.From the Incident Business Object page, select Business Rules.

7.Select Triggered Actions, edit Add My Item.

8.Select the On Insert option and click Next.

All the fields of the My Items Business Object is displayed.

9.Select Incident Category and click in the Value field.

10.Click fx to enter the expression in the Expression Editor.

11.From the Tool Box section, select Incident > Fields > Actual Category and Save.

The new field - Incident Category is mapped to Actual Category. The new field - Incident Category will now be available for selection in the Configure My Items Card.

When a new field is created and added to the Configure My Items Card settings, it is applied and displayed for records in My Items only for new records and not for the existing ones.