Setting up Favorites in Self Service Mobile

Enabling the Global Constant

To make the Favorite feature available for the Self Service Mobile users, enable the Global Constant:

1.Log in to Neurons for ITSM as an administrator.

2.Open the Configuration console.

3.Select Global Constants > set the SSMFavoritesEnabled option as True > Save.

Setting up Favorite items to be displayed in the Home page

If the items marked as Favorite should be displayed in the Self Service Mobile Home page:

1.Log into Neurons for ITSM Self Service Mobile portal as an Administrator.

2.Click the Settings icon from the top menu.

3.Click the Settings icon from the widget you want to edit to change the Data Source.

4.Click the drop-down list of the Data Source field and select Favorite.

Only List widgets have the Favorite option.

5.Click Save.

This feature is available only if the Global Constant SSMFavoritesEnabled is enabled.

At anytime if the Global Constant SSMFavoritesEnabled is disabled, and the widgets were configured to display the Favorite data, the list will be blank. You have to change the Data Source of the widget or enable the Global Constant SSMFavoritesEnabled.