Entering Account Information

This is where you set the default account information to use throughout the Neurons for ITSM application including your default time zone and currency.

This is the first step in the application setup process. For more information about the entire process, including how to access this page, see Setting Up the Application.

The following are the steps to enter your account information:

1.From the Configuration console, click Configure > Organizational Profile > Application Setup.

2.Click Your Account. The application displays the Application Setup - Organization Information page.

Application Setup - Organization Information Workspace

3.Enter information into the fields.

Field Description

What is the name of your company?

The name of the tenant organization.

What is the preferred time zone for outbound email for your organization?

The time zone for outgoing email. This time zone is the default used in email actions related to the application, such as quick actions. See Working with Dates, Times, and Time Zones.

What is the preferred date/time format to display dates in outbound email?

The date/time format for outgoing email. This is also the default format used in reports and dashboards.

What is the preferred currency symbol to display in the application?

The currency symbol to use. You can set a single currency for the tenant. The selected currency appears in the Request Offering and Service Catalog workspaces. Check Display currency symbol to display the currency symbol.

What are the standard hours of operation?

The hours of operation for the tenant organization. Enter the days, times, and time zone. See also Setting Up Hours of Operation.

4.Click Next to save your settings and go to the next page. See Adding Customer Information.

Modifying Account Information

1.From the Configuration console, click Configure > Organizational Profile > Account Information.

2.Make changes as needed. See Entering Account Information.

3.Click Save.