Activating Field Security Permissions

Photos of users in the Social Board are stored using several fields in the Employee business object. For users to be able to successfully upload a photo, you must provide edit permissions to the fields relative to a given role.

For example, to activate the necessary field permissions for users logged in as Self Service, do the following:

1.From the Configuration Console, select Configure > Users and Permissions > Roles and Permissions to view the Groups workspace. The list of roles appears.

2.Select Self Service. The Role Details page appears.

3.Select the Object Permissions tab, then from the Select Page drop-down menu, navigate to the employee business object.

4.Click the arrow next to Employee to expand the list of permissions.

Field-Level Permissions

5.Check Edit permissions (check the second column) for the following fields in the employee business object:







Edit Permissions

6.Click Save.

Social Board management functionality is now activated in existing customer databases.

The following roles have edit permissions activated by default for the Employee business object:


Change Manager

Knowledge Manager

Problem Manager

Release Manager

Self Service

Service Desk Analyst

Service Desk Manager

Service Owner

You must set the field permissions for all other roles.