About Social Board Business Objects and Relationships

The SocialFeeds business object supports the Social Board management functionality.

Neurons for ITSM provides default relationships that are defined between the SocialFeeds business object and other business objects (such as incident, change, and knowledge) to enable social functionality.

For example, the following illustrates the relationship defined between the SocialFeeds and Incident business objects:

Relationships Between the SocialFeeds and Incident Business Objects

The properties of the SocialFeeds to Incident relationship are:

Display Name: SocialFeedsAssocIncident

Internal Reference Name: SocialFeedsAssocIncident

Use Link Table (FusionLink)

Zero Or Many (SocialFeeds)

Zero Or Many (Incidents)

The following business objects are included by default in the Social Board relationships:






You must add additional relationships to support Social Board management functionality for other business objects.