Creating Microsoft Teams Bot from the Developer portal

Steps for creating the Microsoft Teams Bot app from the Developer portal:

These steps are for creating a new MS Teams Bot app from the Developer portal. Existing customers, the existing MS Teams Bot App created using App Studio will be available in the Developer Portal and they can continue to use the same

1.Log in to your Microsoft Teams account.

2.Open the Developer portal at Microsoft Dev Teams.

Steps to create MS Teams Bot

1.Go to Tools section and select Bot Management and create a new Bot with the following details.

Developer Portal

2.Select the New Bot option and provide a name to the Bot.

3.To generate the Bot Password/Client Secret Key:

a. Click the Client secrets option on the side panel and select Add a client secret for your bot.

This will show a pop-up with auto-generated BOT password/client secret key for your Bot.

b. Copy and save this password to use it when configuring the integration between Neurons for ITSM and Microsoft Team app. This password will be displayed only once.
c. Click Ok to save this password/client secret key.


Sample image of the Bot Password

4.In the Configure panel: Bot endpoint address should be added here and saved.

The bot endpoint address should be in the following format: https://{customer tenant ID}/IvantiBotService/api/messages?

Sample image of the Bot Endpoint address:

5.Click the Bots option on the page to navigate back to the list of all the Bots created by you to get the Bot ID.

6.The Bot ID will be automatically generated by the Developer Portal and can be seen after these two steps are successfully completed. Copy and save this Bot ID to use it when configuring the integration between Neurons for ITSM and Microsoft Teams app.

Sample image of the Bot ID:

You have successfully created the Bot and it should be linked to the App.

7.Follow the further steps to create the MS Teams App and link the created Bot.

Steps to create MS Teams App:

1.In the Developer Portal, go to the Apps sections and create a new App with the following details:

2.Under Configure > Basic Information section provide following details:

Short Name and Full Name - Contextual names of the app.

App ID - This is auto generated by Microsoft Developer Portal.

Short Description and Full Description - Contextual descriptions of your app.

Version - Version number of the package.

Developer /Company Name - Your company name.

Website - Your company website URL.

Privacy statement - URL to the privacy statement of your organization.

Terms of use - URL to the terms of use or policy page of your organization.

3.After providing the above mentioned details, click Save.

4.Branding section: In this section you can provide Logo and other branding elements of your organization.

5.In the App Feature section provide the following details:

a. Select Bot option from the list of app features available.
b. Click the Select an Existing Bot option and select the Bot created previously using the above steps from the list.
c. In the What can your bot do? section select Upload and Download files option and click Save.

6.In the Commands section, click Add a Command to add commands to the MS Teams Bot App.

Adding Command is mandatory step while creating MS Team Bot App through Developer Portal.

Neurons for ITSM supports the following commands:






7.Select the Scope from the list.

Sample image for creating CreateIncident command

8.After adding all the Commands, click Save to save all the settings.

You have successfully created the MS Teams Bot App.

To download the package for this MS Teams Bot App:

1.Go to the Publish section and choose App Package.

2.Click Publish on the top right corner of the page.

3.Select the Download the App Package option from the pop-up on the screen to download the app package for the MS Teams Bot App. This will download the app package.

Sample image of Download the app package pop-up