Working with Departments

Departments can categorize users according to the area of their work within an organization, such as IT or Marketing. You can use departments to assign specific employee as the approver in the Get Approval Workflow Block workflow block.

Departments are different from organizational units created in the Working with Organization Charts.

Creating a Department

1.Do one of the following:

Log in to the application and open the Department workspace.

From the Configuration console, click Configure > Organizational Profile > Departments.

2.Click New Department. The application displays a blank department page.

3.Enter information into the fields.

Field Description
Department Name A unique name for the department.
Department Code An alphanumeric code to associate with the department (optional).
Default Record Owner A person from the list to auto-fill as the record owner (optional).

4.Click Save.

Assigning Employees to a Department

You can assign employees to a department when creating an employee. One way to create an employee is from the Employee tab of the department. See Working with Employees.

To assign departments to an existing employee, you must use the Employee workspace.

We recommend as a best practice that you create departments before creating employees.

1.Log in to the application.

2.Open the Employee workspace. The application displays a list of employees.

3.Open the employee to assign to a department.

4.In the Department field, select a department from the drop-down list.

5.Click Save.