Example: Giving Service Desk Analysts Access to Assigned Incidents

At minimum, a Service Desk Analyst should be able to view and update his assigned incidents (as specified in the Owner field in the Incident workspace).

1.From the Configuration Console, click Configure > Users and Permissions > Roles and Permissions to open the Roles and Permissions workspace.

2.Click Service Desk Analyst.

3.Click Object Permissions.

4.Navigate to Incident.

5.Click Edit in the Access column.

Service Desk Analyst Incident Business Object Permissions

The Service Desk accessing Incident page appears.

6.Click the gray plus sign to add a case.

Add a Case

7.Enter information:

Update and view
Employee (via IncidentOwnerEmployee)
the logged in user

8.Click Save.

Upon logging in as a Service Desk Analyst, the incident list only shows their assigned incidents.