Example: Giving Users in the Self-Service Portal Access to Submitted Incidents

Users in the Self-Service Portal want access to the incidents that they have submitted to the Service Desk for tracking purposes. You can restrict incident access by the Customer Name and/or Reported By fields.

Do the following to define access to incidents:

1.From the Configuration Console, click Configure > Users and Permissions > Roles and Permissions to open the Roles and Permissions workspace.

2.Click Service Desk Analyst.

3.Click the Object Permissions tab.

4.Navigate to the incident business object and click Edit.

5.The Service Desk accessing Incident Availability page opens. Click the button to add a table row for adding a case.

6.Select Update and view from the drop-down list.

7.Select the Employee (via ProfileLink link) relationship as the first operator to constrain from the drop-down list. The ProfileLink link is used to access profile data.

8.Skip to the third drop-down list and select is as the first negation.

9.From the fourth drop-down list, select the logged in user as a matching value.

10.Check or the logged in user's subordinates.

11.Save your changes.

The case is saved, and is the display changes to read:

Update and View Records where

Incident's [link#ProfileLink] is the logged in user or the logged in user's subordinates

Upon logging into the Self-Service Portal, you see the list of incidents that you have submitted in the My Items list.