Importing Employees using Azure AD Connector

You can import Employee records into ITSM using the Azure AD Connector.

1.Select the Enabled check box.

2.Create an API Key on the tenant with admin access.

3.Open the Azure AD Employee Connector workspace.

4.Enter values in the Client ID, Client Tenant ID, and Client Secret fields.

You can get these values from your Azure Client account.

5.Enter the API key.

6.Select any one as the Primary Key from the listed options.

7.A list of pre-mapped fields are displayed. You can add custom fields using,

ISM Employee Field - field in ISM that should be mapped.

Azure AD Fields - field in Azure AD that should be mapped.

8.Select the Fixed Value field and enter a value if there is no value for the Azure AD Field with respect to the ISM Field.

9.Click Add Mapping. The mapped field are displayed in the Field Mappings tab.

10.Save and exit by clicking List View.

11.From the Action Menu drop-down, select Execute Employee Import.

12.Open the record to check the import status.

After importing, the records are fetched in the Queue tab of the record. After which is goes into the Employee workspace.

13.Click the Queue tab, if the RunOutPut field displays Completed without errors. The import is successful.

The employee records would be fetched in the Employee workspace.