Vanity URL

You can create custom vanity URLs for tenants and also customize the user interface. Apart from configuring the application's look and feel, you can also customize the authentication method for tenants.

For information on customizing a tenant, see Customizing a Tenant.

Configuring Vanity URL and Authentication Method


From the Configuration console > Development Package > Packages, import the following packages from Ivanti Marketplace to your tenant.

Separate packages:

Vanity URL

Authentication method


Combined package (vanity URL and configuring authentication method functionality -

Functionality to configure the authentication method is optional, you can skip importing the package if you do not want to customize the authentication method of tenants.

Configuring the Vanity URL

To configure a vanity URL:

1.From the ConfigDB open the tenant where the vanity URL package is imported.

2.Select the Alternative Login URL tab and click New TenantURLAlias.

3.Enter the vanity URL of the tenant, for example,

The ConfigDB access is available only for on-premise customers, cloud customers need to reach out to Ivanti Operations team to get the vanity URLs configured.

The newly created vanity URL must have a DNS entry else this functionality will not work. Reach out to Ivanti Operations team to get it created.

It is recommended that you reset the tenant cache before you login to Neurons for ITSM. To reset, select the tenant in the ConfigDB and click the Reset Tenant Cache button.

4.Log in to a Neurons for ITSM tenant where the vanity URL package has been imported.

5.Open the Org Unit workspace.

6.Create a new organizational unit or select an existing one from the list.

7.Enter the Vanity URL that is applicable for the new organization unit.

The Vanity URL should match the Alternative Login URL in the ConfigDB.

8.Select the check boxes MSP Tenant and Primary MSP Tenant.

These check boxes need to be selected if you want to customize the user interface for the tenant from the Style Editor.

9.Click Save.

Configuring the Authentication Method for a Tenant

You can set a custom authentication method for tenant log in. Different tenants can have different authentication methods that suit their needs, such as, Company A can log in using the Open ID Connect Yahoo while Company B can log in using the Open ID Connect Google.

1.Log in to Neurons for ITSM and open the Authentication Provider workspace.

2.Click New Record Menu and select an authorization method.

3.From the Org Unit field, select the tenant the authorization method is applicable.

4.This field is available only if you have imported the latest package from Ivanti Marketplace as described in the prerequisites.

5.Enter all the other required details and click Save.