Configuring Communicator

To make and receive calls using the Voice toolbar, you must start Communicator before you log into Neurons for ITSM.

About Communicator

Configuring Communicator Settings

About Communicator

Communicator settings are configured by default. However, you must enter or verify your user information and phone extension.

When the Ivanti Voice server is running and your settings are correctly configured, the system displays a checkmark in the status bar at the bottom of the Communicator window.

Ivanti Voice Server Running Checkmark

Configuring Communicator Settings

1.From the Windows Start menu, select All Programs > Ivanti > Communications Management > Communicator. The system starts Communicator.

2.From the Information tab, click Settings.

Communicator Settings

3.Click the SoftPhone tab, enter the extension of the user in the Number field, and enter the login name in the Display Name field.

4.Click Apply.

5.Click the SIP Registration tab.

6.Ensure that the IP address and port numbers are accurate.

7.Enter information into the User Name and Password fields.

8.Click OK.