Troubleshooting the WaitForChild Workflow Block

Sometimes it appears that the WaitForChild workflow block does not execute. This can happen if a child business object does not meet the needed criteria.

For example, if you have created a workflow called Wait Until All Tasks Completed, you would define the workflow block to be in the wait state until all tasks are set to completed, rejected, or canceled, at which time the workflow would continue.

However, the WaitForChild workflow block also waits for any child business objects included.

For example, say your WaitForChild workflow block is defined as follows:

Wait For Child Workflow Block Properties

Notice that the child business object ChangeAssocTaskAssignment has been included. The workflow block checks this relationship to see that it is in the necessary state before continuing.

However, if you manually create a task from the workspace using a relationship, the WaitForChild workflow block fails to detect the new manually-created task and remains in the waiting status.

Manually Creating a Task Using a Relationship

Both relationships need to be the same for the Wait For Child workflow block to work.