Invoke Workflow Block

The Invoke workflow block invokes another workflow created within this business object. The exit ports allow for paths contingent upon the workflow being started, completed, and failing.

Invoke Workflow Block Properties

Exit Ports

Exit Port Description

Continue to the next block when the workflow starts.

Completed Continue to the next block when the workflow is completed.

General exit port for a failed integration action. A logical next step is to trigger a notification.


Property Description
Title A unique name for the workflow block.
Current Context BO

Specifies if workflows created for this business object are available in the workflow. Choose from the drop-down list.

Relationship Name Specifies if workflows defined for the child object in a relationship are available. Choose from the drop-down list.
Workflow Name The workflow to invoke. Choose from the drop-down list.
Wait for workflow to finish Waits for the workflow to complete before exiting the block.


Button Action
Save Commits your settings.
Cancel Exits without saving.