Run for Child Workflow Block

The Run for Child workflow block specifies a secondary workflow to run against each instance of a specified child record related to the current business object. Specify the relationship, Boolean operators, and expressions.

The OK exit port in this block is available upon completion of the workflow run against the child record instances, and is not contingent upon its success.

Run For Child Workflow Block Properties

Exit Ports

Exit Port Description

Continue to the next block.


Property Description
Title A unique name for the workflow block.
Relationship Name

The relationship for the child business object. Choose from the drop-down list.

Run Quick Action The quick action to run if these conditions are met. Choose from the drop-down list.
Child Filter Conditions
AND / OR A filter condition.
Field A field. Select from the drop-down list.
Operator An additional operator. Select from the drop-down list.
Value A value. Depending on the child object, this can be a drop-down list or calendar selection.


Button Action
Adds an expression to the workflow block.
Removes an expression from the list.
Save Commits your settings.
Cancel Exits without saving.