Run for Search Workflow Block

Use the Run for Search workflow block to specify a search that can trigger a quick action or invoke a supplemental workflow. For example, you can run a search for all active incidents, then generate a reminder or escalation notification.

The Workflow will run the Quick Action the number of times as the search records. For example, if 100 search records exist, then the Quick Action will be executed 100 times.

The OK exit port in this workflow block is available upon completion of the quick action or supplemental workflow run after the search, and is not contingent upon its success.

Run for Search Workflow Block Properties

Exit Ports

Exit Port Description

Continue to the next block.


Property Description
Title A unique name for the workflow block.
Search Definition

An available search definition. Choose from the drop-down list.


Run Quick Action

The quick action to invoke.

Invoke Workflow

The workflow to invoke.


Button Action
Save Commits your settings.
Cancel Exits without saving.