Update Workflow Block

The Update workflow block updates data within the context of the business object where a quick action is running. If executed at the beginning of the workflow block, the quick action updates the record causing the instance or the workflow to run.

Exit ports for this workflow block allow workflow paths for successful and failed update actions.

Update Workflow Block Properties

Exit Ports

Exit Port Description

Continue to the next block.


General exit port for a failed integration action. A logical next step is to trigger a notification.


Property Description
Title A unique name for the workflow block.
Value The value of the business object field.
Overwrite Overwrites the default values with this value.


Button Action
Move Up, Move Down Rearranges the items in the table. This changes the order in which they are processed. The order of processing can affect the creation or update of the business object, as specific values are determined to be correct or not.
Save Commits your settings.
Cancel Exits without saving.