Returns the field value of the specified user (if a RecID is supplied) or for the currently logged-in user (if no RecID is supplied).


GetUserField(fieldName, recId)

Enabled For

For a description of the business object categories, see Notes on "Enabled For".

Business Object Category Yes/No
Business Rules: Before-Save Rules Yes1
Business Rules: Calculation Rules (After Save, with or without Also Recalculate on Load) Yes
Business Rules: Calculation Rules (Before Save or Always, without Also Recalculate On Load) Yes1
Business Rules: Calculation Rules (Before Save or Always, with Recalculate On Load) Yes
Business Rules: Editing Rules Yes2
Business Rules: Initialization Rules Yes1
Business Rules: Read Only Rules No
Business Rules: Required Rules Yes2
Business Rules: Validation Rules Yes1
Client Expressions No
Object Permissions No
Services Yes
Mobile Yes
Quick Actions (except UI Quick Actions) Yes1
UI Quick Actions No
Reports Yes1
Search/Dashboard without field references Yes1
Search/Dashboard with field references No
1. Except in services.
2. Except in services and when this field appears on a form or is triggered by such a field.


Parameter Description
fieldName The name of the field for which to get the value.


(Optional). The RecID of a specific user instance. Defaults to the currently logged-in user.

Return Value

Text field.


$(GetUserField("DisplayName", Owner_Valid))

This example gets the display name field of the user who is the owner of this business object, assuming that there is an owner relationship and that the owner is a validated field.



This example gets the primary email field of the currently logged-in user.