About Quick Action Variables

Variables allow users to capture and update data within the quick action that can be unique to the user who triggers it. This means that, by using variables, every user who runs the quick action then has the option of their own variable value applied at the point of running the action.

Tip: Within a composite action, you can re-use a variable from an earlier action in a subsequent action.

Note: Variables are created within a composite quick action and can only be used within that ONE composite action, and not in other actions or elsewhere within ITSM.

Variables hold information such as:

  • The result of any expression function.
  • Customer name
  • Current User Display Name
  • Email address or signature
  • Owner

Data types for variables include:

  • Text
  • Number
  • Date/Time
  • Boolean
  • JSON
  • XML

Quick Action Variable Use Examples

Variables can be used anywhere you would use a quick action. See Examples of Using Actions.