Creating a Quick Action Variable

Create a variable for use with a quick action from within the Action designer.

To create a variable for use in a quick action:

  1. From the Configuration Console, select Build > Business Objects to open the Business Objects workspace.

  2. Open a business object.

    The application displays the workspace for that business object.

  3. Select Quick Actions.

    The application opens the Action designer and lists all of the quick actions associated with that business object.

  4. Select the Create New Actions tab, and select Composite Action.

  5. Complete the fields for Name, Description and Category as described in Composite Action Quick Action.

  6. Select Update Variables and Stored Values from the Add new action dropdown list. Select the Add icon.

  7. Select Variable from the Variable Type dropdown list.

  8. Enter a name for your new variable.

  9. Select the Data Type from the dropdown list.

  10. When setting the Value, note that:

    • For Date/Time, the Value field offers a calendar from which to select your value.
    • For other data types, you can set the value to be an expression or a function by selecting the fx.
    • If you choose Text as the Data Type and Prompt as the value, text-based prompts are supported but dropdown (pick) lists are not.
  11. Select Save.