Self Service Quick Reference

This topic helps you with the information you need to use the Self Service portal.

About the Self Service Portal

The Self Service portal appears when you first log in to application as a Self Service user. The following are the panels available in the Self Service portal:

Search - Search for FAQ, Announcement, and Knowledge using keywords. To refine your search to a specific module, select the module from the in field. The default option is All which searches in all the three modules (FAQ, Announcement, and Knowledge).

Announcements - Displays announcements and messages for alerts such as downtime notices, service for maintenance or upgrades, potential virus threats, and other bulletin type messages that an organization needs to communicate to its employees.

My Open Items - Displays a list of items created by you that are open. Click an item to view its details.

Report an Issue using Template - Allows you to report an issue from a list of pre-configured templates. These templates auto-fill certain fields and make reporting a little faster.

Top 5 Requests - Displays the top 5 most common Service Requests.

Top 5 Questions - Displays the top 5 most common questions.

About My Open Items

Click an item from the list to view its details. If the My Open Items list is empty, you have no open items.

Reporting an Issue Using a Template

1.Click a template in the Report An Issue Using Template section.

2.Modify the information in the fields as needed.

3.Click Save Incident to report the issue.

Alternatively, you can check for possible solutions and resolve the issue.

4.Click a matching solution from the Possible Solution panel on the right. The application displays additional information.

5.Click Resolve, if the solution matches your issue. Click Back, if it does not match and to check other solutions.

6.Click Back to My Items List to see the list of My Items.

To create an issue without using a template, click Report an Issue from the toolbar.

The Possible Solution panel will not display any result if no matching solutions are present for your issue.

Viewing the Top 5 Requests

1.Click an item from the list. The application displays a blank form. Each form differs depending on the type of item.

2.Enter information as needed and click Continue to move to the next tab.

3.Click Review & Submit after you have entered information in all the tabs.

4.Review the information for accuracy, click Edit/Back to modify.

5.Modify the information as needed and click Submit.

6.Track the Service Request from your My Open Items list.

Viewing the Top 5 Questions

Click a relevant question or topic in the Top 5 Questions pane.

The application displays the FAQ tab that displays the details of the question you selected.

Viewing Approval Requests

Approval requests appear in the My Items workspace.

1.Click an approval request to review it.

2.Click Approve or Deny to approve or deny the Service Request.

Using the Chat Zone

1.Open the Chat Zone workspace.

2.Click Start new conversation.

3.Click Add person, then in the text box that appears, enter the name of the person to chat with.

4.Click Add. Repeat to add users to the conversation.

5.Enter the message in the message area.

6.Press the ENTER key to publish the message. Users cannot see your message until you publish. Your message appears below the list of recipients.

Public conversations have a white background.

Private conversations have a blue background.

7.To minimize the conversation - click the arrow icon on the conversation header. Click again to toggle expand.

8.To remove the conversation - click the arrow icon on the conversation header and then click the Remove conversation from the Chat Zone icon .

Using the Social Board

Use the Social Board workspace to send messages to a team or group, or to view everyone's activity.

1.Open the Social Board workspace.

2.Click in Share What's New to enter a message.

3.Click Add Group to send the message to one or more groups.

4.Click Add Person to send the message to one or more persons.

5.Click Share to send your message. Your message appears at the top of the list.

6.Click Search Post to enter text and find specific messages.

7.Click Add a comment to enter a comment to a message.

Submitting a Service Request Using the Service Catalog

1.Open the Service Catalog workspace to see a list of catalog items.

2.Click an item. The item form appears.

3.Enter information as needed and click Continue to move to the next tab.

4.After you have entered information in all the tabs, click Review & Submit and review the information for accuracy.

5.Click Submit. The request is submitted.

Using the My Items Workspace to View Items Assigned to You

1.Open the My Items workspace to see a list of items assigned to you.

2.To find a specific item, enter a value into Search My Items, and in fields and then click the Start search icon .

3.To create a request for service, click New Service Request. Choose the Service Catalog item to create.

4.To create a new issue, click New Issue.

Working in the Knowledge Center

1.Open the Knowledge Center workspace to see a list of articles.

2.To find a specific article, enter a value in the Search the Knowledge Base Articles field and click the Start search icon .

3.To view articles within a certain category, choose a category from the upper left pane.

4.To narrow the number of articles that you see, choose a filter type from the lower left pane.

5.Adjust the number of articles you can view per page by entering a number in the Results per page field.

6.Sort by various criteria from the Sort by drop-down list.

Searching for Items

1.Open the Search workspace to see a list of found items.

2.Click the type from the left pane: FAQ, Announcement, or Knowledge.

3.Click the title to view the article.

Viewing the FAQs

1.Open the FAQ workspace to see a list of all published FAQs.

2.Double-click a title to see the answer.