Deleting a Log

Enabling Administrator Permission to Delete a Log

Only administrators can delete logs. Follow these steps to give permission to a user to be able to delete a log.

1.In the Configuration Console, go to Configure > Users and Permissions > Roles and Permissions.

2.Click Admin.

3.Click Object Permissions and choose 401 - 450 Frs_ITFM_Transaction - Frs_def_integration_Exchange_Config in the Select page drop-down list.

4.Find Frs_data_integration_log, then move across to the Lifecycle column and click Edit.

5.Check When Business Object is in Final State: Allow Editing.

6.Click Save.

Deleting a Log

1.In the Configuration Console, go to Settings > Monitor > Application Logs > Integration Log.

2.Select an SCCM Integration log.

3.Click Delete. The application displays the Reference Warnings dialog box.

4.Click Continue. The application deletes the log.