Using Search while linking Business Objects

When linking a Business Object, you can choose to view specific Business Object records instead of viewing all the records. For instance, when linking a Problem to an Incident, fetching all the records would not only result in additional time but also an extensive list would be displayed. The Favorite Searches and Custom Search options in the Business Object window allows refining the results based on either the search defined for the user, role, or Business Object or the custom search definition. The following sections explain which option takes precedence and how.

Favorite Searches

The Favorite Searches option is the default option if no Custom Search is defined. A list of Saved Search definitions defined for the Business Object is displayed. If there is no Saved Search defined, then the default option is set to All and all records are displayed. Favorite Search works in the following hierarchy:

User - Saved Search set for the User

Role - Saved Search set for the Role

Business Object - Saved Search set for the Business Object

All - If none of the above is defined, all records are displayed.

Custom Search

This would be the default option if you defined the Custom Search and have set it as default. Define custom search and click Search to populate results based on the set definition.

To make it your default option, click Save Search as Default.

To clear the current default search definition, click Reset Default Search.