Reporting Incidents and Submitting Requests

You can report incidents or submit requests/raise a ticket from the Self Service Mobile portal. A service request is a request for a service, such as a conference room reservation, or a new email account. An issue is an interruption of service such as an account lockout, or printer not working.

On some devices, the Service Catalog is viewable as a list or in tiles. Toggle the view by tapping the list view icon or the tile view icon in the upper-right area of the page. Note that the tile view displays items in large tiles, which take up more space and list fewer items on the screen.

When filling out a service request, you have the option of saving it as a draft to complete and submit later. Un-submitted requests will appear as Drafts at the top right of the page.

Using the Service Catalog workspace

Use the Service Catalog workspace to submit a service request or report an issue/incident. The Service Catalog workspace lists all the Services offered by your organization.

To browse and find Service Offerings, you can use one of the option:

Filter by category: Select an option from the Filter Options list. You can filter by department, Most Popular, and Favorite (lists services that are marked as favorite).

Search: Enter a keyword in the Search bar and press ENTER, records matching the keyword are displayed.

Working with the Favorites

The Favorites category lists all services that you have added to the Favorites, they appear in the top of the list.

To view all services added to the Favorites, select the Favorites option from the Filter Options.

To add a service to the Favorites, from the Service Catalog workspace, tap the Favorites icon . The Favorites icon changes to , you will get a pop-up message that the selected service is added to Favorites and the service is moved to the top of the list along with other services that are already added to Favorites.

The Favorites feature is available only in the Self Service Mobile portal and if your administrator has enabled it.