Using the Ivanti Service Manager Bot

You can use the Ivanti Service Manager Bot to perform multiple actions such as to create an incident, check incident status, and chat with an Analyst.

1.Open the Ivanti Service Manager Bot and ping a message.

If the bot is not available for you, reach out to your organization's administrator to get it configured.

2.Select any of the following option as need be.

Create a Ticket - creates an incident.

Check the status of my ticket - the status of all open incidents is displayed.

Chat with Support - you will be connected to an Analyst to help you with your issue/query.

If an Analyst does not pick up your chat, you will receive a message saying "Please stand by, while we connect you to another analyst". You can wait to be connected.

If no Analyst is online, you will get the message - "All analysts are offline". You can continue waiting till an analyst is online or exit. The maximum wait time to connect you to an Analyst is 5 minutes after which the following message is displayed - "Sorry, we are unable to connect you at this time." Click Yes to continue using the bot or No to exit.

Leave Chat Conversation - exits the chat.

Help - displays a dialog which describes the above options.

If you send a text message instead of selecting one of the given options, the following message is displayed - "Invalid selection. Please select one of the available option."

Whenever the bot displays options, ensure to select from the given options. Else, an invalid message is displayed prompting you to select only from the options displayed.