Knowledge Center

You can use the Knowledge Center workspace to access all available articles that might help you solve an issue or find a workaround for one.

To access the knowledge articles, click Knowledge Center from the workspaces menu. A list view displays all published articles, click one to open it and click Back to Search Results to return to the list view.

Knowledge Center articles differ from FAQs in the following ways:

They're created in the Knowledge Management system and have gone through an approval process before being published.

They're rated by users. You can add your rating and comments to any article in the list.

If you use an article to resolve your issue, an incident is automatically opened and closed so that statistics about issues and resolutions are kept current.

Articles are listed by category. You can search for, sort, and filter articles in the following ways:

Search by typing a keyword in the Search Knowledge Base Articles field at the top of the page and clicking the icon. All articles matching the keyword is displayed.

Sort articles by best rating, latest articles, and so on by using the Sort by drop-down list found at the top of the article list.

Filter articles by category, user ratings, time period (created during last 7 days, 30 days, and so on), or knowledge type (document, patch, error message, and so on) in the left pane. To clear filters, click the icon next to the Search Knowledge Base Articles field.