Adding a Journal Entry to a Business Object

By default, comments associated with tasks for a specific record appear in the Activity History tab of the record. You can choose to view or hide notes from tasks associated with the business object.

You can add comments to any business object. By default, comments are enabled in the Details tab of incidents and tasks.

1.Log in to the Neurons for ITSM Application.

2.Open a business object record.

3. In the Journal area, click Create.

4.From the drop-down list, select Email, Notes, or Voice Activity Log (if Ivanti Voice is enabled on your application).

5.Enter information into the fields.

Email Fields

Field Description
Category The category. Choose from the drop-down list: bounced, incoming, or outgoing.
From This field is auto-filled but can be modified.
From Name The name that appears in the From box of the email.
To The email address of the person receiving the email.


Email addresses to copy (CC).


Email addresses to blind copy (BCC).
Subject The subject of the email.
Processed This applies only to incoming emails. After the email listener processes the email, appropriate action is taken (per your configuration) and the processed flag is set to true.
Publish To Web Makes this email visible to users in the Self-Service Portal.
Email Body Type Informational only. Can be either HTML or plain text, depending on how this option has been configured.
Attachments Contains attachments. Click Paste from clipboard or Add Attachment.
Message Your message. You can format your message using the standard text options.

Notes Fields

Field Description
Category The category. Choose from the drop-down list.
Source The source that started the activity.
Duration (Min) The number of minutes the activity took.
Publish to Self Service Makes this note visible to users in the Self-Service Portal.
Summary A brief summary of the note.
Notes Your detailed notes.
Field Description
Subject The subject of the remote control session. Click Send Remote Session Request. Enter the email address to send the request to and click OK.
Attachments Contains attachments. Click Attach file or Paste from clipboard.

Voice Activity Log Fields

The application automatically enters the information into the Call Details fields. You cannot modify them.

Field Description
Agent Notes Notes about the call from the agent.
System Notes Notes auto-generated from the application.

6.Click Save.

The application displays the notes under the Journal area of the task with your login ID and date and time. You might need to click Refresh to see the new item.