About Task Costs

When a task is added to an incident or service request record and the status is set to "Complete", the system automatically adds the actual cost to the Cost Item tab and to the ITFM Cost Item workspace. See Working with Cost Items.

For example, if you create an incident record, you can add a task under the Task tab. (See Creating a Task.) This task is given a unique task ID number.

Task ID

When you set the task status to complete, you must enter the actual number of minutes spent performing the task. Based on the cost per minute as defined in the standard user team, the total actual cost is calculated and automatically listed in the Cost Item tab. This cost is identified by the task ID number.

Task Cost in the Cost Item Tab Showing Task ID Number

This item also appears in the ITFM Cost Item workspace.

Cost Item in the ITFM Cost Item Workspace

Costs from external tasks are similarly tracked. An external task created in an incident record (see Using External Tasks) is added to the Cost Item tab when the task is set to completed. When creating the external task, you choose an item from the task catalog (if the vendor has an underpinning contract). (See Working with Underpinning Contracts.)