Working with Master Incidents

Neurons for ITSM employs the concept of master incidents.  A master incident is an incident that contains information common to one or more incidents. You can link multiple incidents to one master incident. When you update certain fields in a master incident, the data automatically updates in all of the linked incidents. For example, when you enter resolution details and set a master incident to resolved, all of the linked incidents are also set to resolved and the system adds the same resolution details to each of the linked incidents.

Only Administrators, Service Desk Analysts, and Service Desk Managers can work with master incidents. The ability to create master incidents is available to any roles that can access the Incident workspace.

Whenever a master incident is created, the system sends an email to the Service Desk Manager, based on the ServiceDeskMgrEmailAddress global constant and the service owner, based on the email address entered for that service in the CI.Service workspace.

An incident must be specifically designated as a master incident before it appears on the master incident list. The feature is implemented by using two options on the Incident form:

Declare as Master Incident

Update Related Incident

Viewing Master Incidents

Creating Master Incidents

Linking Incidents

Showing or Hiding Master Incident Functions

Installing the Master Incident Package