About Ivanti Neurons for Facilities 2022.4

Ivanti Neurons for Facilities 2022.4 enables users to easily incorporate enhanced facilities functionality into their existing Neurons for ITSM system.

Important: The following features are available as Ivanti Neurons for Facilities, part of the Neurons for ITSM Enterprise paid enhancement package.

Minimum platform version requirements: Ivanti Neurons for ITSM 2022.2.

Prerequisites: Contact Ivanti Professional Services Organization (PSO) to obtain and install Ivanti Neurons for Facilities, part of the Neurons for ITSM Enterprise paid enhancement package.

Use Ivanti Neurons for Facilities 2022.4 to provide robust functionality for the input and management of facilities-related and associated activities.

Customers can initiate Work Orders through a self-service Portal and track the status of their requests. Facilities departments can save time by scheduling recurring maintenance activities that automatically generate Work Orders at the appropriate frequency. Persona-driven dashboards provide valuable insights into the overall facilities operation.

Enhancements in Ivanti Neurons for Facilities 2022.4

The following new feature enhancements are available:

Create facility emergency plans that document the procedures, personnel, and equipment that is relevant to a specific emergency, and apply them to locations.

Create and apply scheduled shutdowns for a facility. Shut down a location, building, floor, conference room, facilities space or cubicles. shutdowns follow a hierarchy, when a location is shutdown the associated buildings, floors, conference rooms, spaces, and cubicles are also shut down.

Facilities calendars display information on facility preventative maintenance schedules, shutdowns, and reservation information for rooms, spaces and cubicles.

New facilities role-specific dashboards to provide reporting and tracking for each role to effectively manage their duties within a facility.

Self-Service users can reserve available conference rooms, facilities spaces, and cubicles.

Employees can select multiple facilities assets that are assigned to them and take them along when moving to another facility.

Self-Service User Facilities Asset Request feature improved for better user experience and usability.

Existing feature enhancements from the previous version are:

Add facilities spaces to a location. Typically a space can be an office, lobby, cafeteria, laboratory, or other type of space.

Schedule preventative maintenance and work orders at the location, building, floor, room, cubicle and space level.

Enhanced asset lifecycle processes for end of life and disposal of assets.

New dashboards for tracking end-of-life status and disposal of assets.

Display of consumables associated to an asset while in a work order, or when a work order is created for scheduled maintenance.

Indication of quantity of consumables used in fulfillment of a work order and preventative maintenance.

Important: Some content, such as pick list values, is locked to preserve system functions. Locked content is designated by a padlock icon in the Configuration console.