About Ivanti Neurons for GRC 2022.4

Use Neurons for GRC to provide a centralized platform for your Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) team to assess risk and manage compliance against numerous authoritative sources.

Important: The following features are available in the Ivanti Neurons for GRC application, or as part of the Neurons for ITSM Enterprise paid enhancement package.

Minimum platform version requirements: Neurons for ITSM 2022.3.

Prerequisites: Contact Ivanti Professional Services Organization (PSO) to obtain and install theNeurons for ITSM Enterprise package.

This software provides the following benefits:

  • Analysis and mitigation of risks.

  • Streamlined audits, findings, reports, and processes for appropriate actions.

  • Rapid containment of any breaches and documentation of steps taken in a secure, need-to-know process.

Neurons for GRC is associated with the GRC Manager role and the following Business Objects:

  • Approvals

  • Audit

  • Audit Calendar

  • Authority Documents

  • Citation

  • Controls

  • Evidence

  • Exception

  • Mitigation Plans

  • Policy

  • Risk

  • Risk Assessment

Important: Some content, such as pick list values, is locked to preserve system functions. Locked content is designated by a padlock icon in the Configuration console.